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Novak Djokovic case, live: his visa canceled again

A the eight days since Australia first decided to withdraw the visa to Novak Djokovic, which prevented their participation in the Open de Australia, Immigration Minister Alex Hawke has once again withdrawn the visa to the number 1 in world tennis, following the decision of Anthony Kelly to revoke the government decision to revoke the first cancellation.

The number 1 in the world had admitted “human error” in his travel documentation and Australian authorities continue to investigate her statement for her stance on vaccination against COVID.


11.40 “A decision made by anti-vaccine sentiment”

Djokovic’s lawyer believes that the minister, by canceling Djokovic’s visa, has been guided by a “potential growth of anti-vaccine sentiment” if Djokovic is allowed to remain in Australia. He claims that the minister does not consider the effect of forcing Djokovic to leave the country. “Djokovic is a person with medical contraindications for vaccination,” he says.

11.25. Djokovic is not going to be stopped

The ADjokovic’s lawyer confirms that the tennis player will not be detained. After speaking with a lawyer for the Australian Government Attorney, he informed him that he “does not intend to re-arrest my client tonight.” You confirmed the interview with Immigration tomorrow. He proposes to present allegations this Saturday and that a hearing be held on Sunday to decide definitively on this case. “We are in this situation because of the time that the minister has taken to make a decision“, assured Nick Wood.,

11.15 Djokovic’s lawyer asks for a precautionary measure against deportation

Nicholas Wood, Djokovic’s attorney, He has applied to the court for a precautionary measure preventing his deportation. You agree to submit a request in writing as soon as possible. You can do it in a few hours, before the day is out in Australia. It has been set to do so before 10:15 pm Australian time (12:15 pm in Spain). Wood worries about wasting time in the “extraordinary situation” that Djokovic finds himself in. He suggests that the case be kept in Federal Circuit Court to avoid wasting time transferring it to Federal Court.

11.10 The judge speaks of a provisional order for Djokovic that will delay his deportation

The judge speaks of the parties reaching an agreement and that this could lead to a brief provisional order until 4:00 p.m. on Saturday, January 15 (6:00 a.m. in Spain) to avoid the deportation of Djokovic. Even more so when Djokovic has been called for an interview this Saturday in immigration.

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11.05. The judge talks about passing the case to the Federal Court

“While I have what appears to be an unappealable power to transfer this proceeding to another court, it is qualified by the requirement that the Australian Federal Court uphold the order I issue.” Judge Kelly must decide on this matter now.

11.02 Djokovic Case Hearing: the judge speak of the urgent nature

Judge Kelly notes that in an urgent circumstance, if necessary, a party may file a request prior to the formal process that begins the court case. The court may be prepared to accept a commitment from the parties to file and deliver an affidavit displaying important documents as soon as possible.

11.00 The hearing of the Djokovic case begins

Judge Anthony Kelly He begins his intervention by reviewing the history of the procedures that led up to this second cancellation of Djokovic’s visa.

10.50 The hearing of the Djokovic case, live

Here you can follow the audience of instruction on the second withdrawal of the visa to Novak Djokovic.

10.35 A hearing on the Djokovic case in a few minutes

It will be carried out shortly an instructional hearing before Judge Anthony Kelly in Federal Circuit Court, after the cancellation of Djokovic’s visa. It is unlikely that a final resolution will be given since this type of hearing is to order paperwork for a later hearing.

10.20 Andy Murray: “I’m not going to sit here and start kicking Novak”

Andy murray was asked about the decision made to cancel Djokovic’s visa again: “I’m not going to sit here and start kicking Novak while he’s down. I mean, I said it the other day, it’s not a good situation for anyone.”

Murray made the remarks at a press conference after his match with Reilly Opelka, whom he beat 6-7 (6), 6-4, 6-4 to get into the ATP 250 final in Sydney.

9:50 A Djokovic appeal has little chance of success according to immigration attorneys

Minister Hawke’s decision to withdraw Djokovic’s visa to preserve “health, safety and good order” limits the options for a successful appeal by the tennis player’s lawyers. “If Hawke had canceled Djokovic’s visa because he gave incorrect information on his visa or passenger card, the case would have been easier.says David Prince, an immigration attorney in statements to the Sidney Morning Herald.

Djokovic could argue that canceling his visa in this way is not in the national interest. But what that public interest means in these cases is “incredibly vague,” says Karry Anderson, an immigration attorney also consulted by the Sidney Morning Herald. “Courts are generally reluctant to revoke an elected official’s opinion on this matter.”, aim.

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All Djokovic could do is request a judicial review in court.. And what the courts do with a judicial review is determine whether the power has been exercised lawfully. Then everything will depend on how the minister has exercised his power and if he did so in a lawful way. The discretion that the minister has is very wide, unless he makes a procedural error, does not comply with the terms of the Law, or the decision is really unfounded, “says Janina Boughey, an expert in Australian public law in statements collected by The Guardian.

9:20 Djokovic, summoned to an interview on immigration

The Department of the Interior has spoken with Djokovic’s lawyers. The tennis player has been asked to attend an immigration interview this Saturday. Until this time, Novak will be able to remain at the hotel where he is awaiting any legal action.

9:15 Australian Prime Minister’s official statement: “The results of so many sacrifices must be protected”

The Prime Minister Scott Morrison He commented that the decision to cancel Novak Djokovic’s visa again is related to the “strong border protection policies that have kept Australians safe during the pandemic.”

“The Minister took steps to cancel Mr. Djokovic’s visa for reasons of health and good order, on the grounds that it was in the public interest to do so.

This pandemic has been incredibly difficult for all Australians, but we have stuck together and saved lives and livelihoods. Together we have achieved one of the lowest death rates, the strongest economies, and the highest vaccination rates in the world. Australians have made many sacrifices during this pandemic, and they rightly hope that the outcome of those sacrifices will be protected. This is what the Minister is doing by taking this action today. Due to the expected ongoing legal proceedings, he will not provide further comment, “he noted.

9:10 Djokovic’s lawyers study whether to file an appeal

Djokovic’s attorneys are still weighing his options for filing an appeal. They received the document with the minister’s decision at 18:03 in Australia (8:03 in Spain), as announced by Paul Sakkal, a journalist from The Age. If they appeal, they want a speedy trial so that the final decision is made this Sunday, before the main draw of the Australian Open begins.

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9:00 Djokovic’s last training session in Australia

Hours before Minister Hawke formalized the withdrawal of Djokovic’s visa, The Serbian tennis player took to the Australian Open courts to complete his third day of practice. Once the decision is known, we can be before the last images of the current champion of this grand slam, racket in hand, in Australia.

Djokovic entered before knowing the cancellation of his visa

8:45. Djokovic could be deported in the next few hours

The withdrawal of the visa to Djokovic could cause that over the next few hours, the number 1 in the world be taken back to the hotel where together with the detained refugees until the Federal Circuit Court orders his release on Monday unless it is

Minister Hawke’s decision means that Djokovic has to be arrested or take a plane to leave the country. If he does not decide to appeal the decision to court, in a trial that should be speedy because the tennis player made his debut at the Australian Open on Tuesday, he will be forced to leave Australia in the next few hours. At first it will be on the first flight to Europe this next night in Australia.

8:30 What will happen to the Australian Open draw?

If Novak Djokovic is finally deported and falls from the Australian Open, Russian Andrey Rublev will become the first favorite as indicated by the regulations of the International Tennis Federation. Rafael Nadal is one of the great beneficiaries because the Serbian circulated through his section in some hypothetical semifinals.

8:25 Djokovic could appeal the decision

The Novak Djokovic’s lawyers had prepared the appeal for a possible second cancellation of the visa. If filed, the case will go back to Federal Circuit Court Judge Anthony Kelly (who overturned the cancellation the first time) for a hearing, and can then be referred to Federal Court. It is expected that if this occurs, the deadlines will be accelerated so that the new court ruling will arrive this weekend before the start of the Australian Open.

8:15 The minister’s arguments to cancel Djokovic’s visa

This is the official document from the Minister of Immigration which sets out the reasons why Alex Hawke, Minister of Immigration, again cancels Novak Djokovic’s visa.

“Today I exercise my power under section 133C (3) of the Migration Law to cancel Mr. Novak Djokovic’s visa for reasons of health and good order, on the grounds that it was in the public interest to do so. This decision followed the orders of the Federal Circuit and Family Court on January 10, 2022, annulling a previous cancellation decision for reasons of procedural fairness. “

“In making this decision, I carefully considered the information provided to me by the Department of the Interior, the Australian Border Force and Mr. Djokovic.

“The Morrison government is firmly committed to protecting Australia’s borders, particularly in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic.”


Novak Djokovic has his visa canceled again. The decision is now official. Immigration Minister Alex Hawke has canceled his visa “for reasons of health and good order, on the grounds that it was in the public interest to do so.” Hawke has found enough evidence to deport the best tennis player on the planet, who crossed the border thanks to a medical exemption processed by Tennis Australia supported by a positive test for coronavirus on December 16 in Belgrade.

7:50 Djokovic trains while awaiting the decision on his possible deportation

Novak Djokovic enters Melbourne for third in a row ahead of the start of the Australian Open on Monday, while awaiting the government’s decision on his possible deportation.

The number one in the world came out again this morning to one of the courts in Melbourne Park to practice while Australian authorities ponder if they cancel your visa a second time after you decide to travel to Australia without being vaccinated against covid-19.


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