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No kidding: Star Citizen has not debuted but the sequel is already being thought about | Levelup

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10 years and $ 400 million later, the developers of Star Citizen and its campaign mode, Squadron 42, they continue to think about ending the game by taking it to version 1.00 but even more so their creative ambition, or need for money, is such that they already had the luxury of considering the sequels, that’s right, not in the singular but in the plural of a couple of deliveries that still do not come out in a definitive version to the market.

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During an interview with MCV, Carl Jones, Chief Operating Officer of Cloud Imperium Games revealed the development team’s plans for Star Citizen Y Squadron 42. Initially, the manager pointed out that, from his perspective, both installments need at least a couple more years to debut, so we would be talking about 12 years for a launch that has been supported by the community and that has given the project millions of dollars in exchange for Alphas and Betas.

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On the other hand, Jones surprised with his statements about the future of these projects because he did not do so considering the short term. The above after he pointed out that he sees in 5 years a space experience finally launched for users and a huge MMORPG, but in addition to this also the respective sequels of Star Citizen Y Squadron 42.

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The creators have not released the game, but they are already thinking about the sequel

Until now, Star Citizen Y Squadron 42 They still do not have a release window, there are constant updates on their official channels and new content in the trial versions accessed by those who have supported the project. However, as time goes by, some begin to question whether it is such an ambitious product or whether it will end up falling apart and the money disappearing.

In this sense, in September 2021 the project Star Citizen Y Squadron 42 was involved in a controversy because the development team sold ships that probably will not reach the final version, a fact that infuriated the fans and Cloud Imperium’s response was to put a warning that what they “buy” may or may not reach the game in its version 1.00.

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