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Ken Levine: being able to rethink a project to improve it is a luxury | Levelup

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Last week a report appeared in which former employees of the studio of the creator of BioShock, Ken Levine, criticized his way of developing games and his inability to launch a product on time, which may have disturbed fans who are waiting for his new project. Well, Levine has not given a public response on this, but he just appeared in an interview in which he offers more details about his way of developing games based on reiteration and why he considers it a luxury and a lesson for young developers.

One of the most criticized points in Levine’s way of operating is that when he works on a project, he does not usually satisfy his vision with the first attempt, or the second, but requires doing several or even restarting the work until he finds out. what you want, something that several developers did not like, who left the company.

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“Rethinking a project is a luxury”

Well, Levine considers this, discarding work done to rework it and polish it to give his goal, a “luxury.”

To illustrate his comment, he recalled his stay at Looking Glass Studio, precisely working on Thief. In an interview with Arcade Attack (via Video Games Chronicle), the creative revealed that when his mentor, Doug Church, told him that an idea was not going to work, he would have to recover after the cancellation and work on another idea.

Thus, Levine thought of Better Red Than Undead, Dark Camelot, Y Dark Elves Must Die, for which he even created different mechanics and universe, which in the end were discarded before they became Thief.

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In this regard, Levine says that this is one of the great lessons he has learned in video games and that he believes that it is something important for young developers, because just because one writes or creates something does not mean that it is good enough; by going back to work on it something better may come out. According to Levine, scrapping what they’ve already done, progress, is what many developers struggle with.

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“As a writer, there is a saying: writing is rewriting. And it’s a luxury in the video game industry to be able to do that. I’ve been lucky enough to have that luxury and I think the main reason work is good is because I’ve been able to say ‘no this isn’t working’ and go ahead and scrap it. And that may seem like indecision and I can definitely see why people feel this way, but to me, I don’t know any other way to get there, but it also requires that you’re willing to pick up the pen again and start over, and I think that’s critical, so I see it as a luxury, “Levine commented.

When will Levine reveal his new game?

The bad news is that, as a source said in the report, the project may be back on track, but it seems that debut is a couple of years away. In the interview, Levine did not discuss a possible announcement window or date, but cautioned that he will reveal it near its launch.

According to the creative, he will take this position as long as the final product is not something very different or lacks authenticity to what was initially shown, as happened with BioShock Infinite. Thus, Levine and his team are aware that fans want to know what they are doing, but asked for patience and assured that they are working daily on what he described as “a very challenging product” and for which they feel “very excited.”

“I think people will be just as surprised, but not surprised by what they will see. But it is something very very interesting and I hope to show it to people,” Levine said.

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What do you think of Levine’s comments? Do you agree with his way of playing games? Tell us in the comments.

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