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Imminent! Valve assures that Steam Deck will fulfill its launch in February | Levelup

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The current era of video games dictates that the experience must overcome hardware barriers and be available on various platforms, with portability as the logical consequence of your first choice. It cannot be denied that Switch and mobile gaming had a huge influence on this and soon PC users will be able to give their gaming session a different touch with Steam Deck, Valve’s device that will debut in a few weeks. That’s right, without further delay.

Barring a tragedy, Steam Deck will be released in February

The fear of the community in pandemic years is that games, consoles and devices will be delayed, in fact the windows or release dates can change from day to day more frequently than in the past. However, everything indicates that this will not be the case of Steam Deck because through a publication on Steam, the team responsible for the device pointed out that the device is lined up and with everything ready to fulfill its launch in February of this year, or be a few weeks.

Steam Deck is ready for its debut – Image: Steam

In this regard, the post refers to the following: “Happy New Year! The team is back from the holidays and firing on all cylinders. We have some updates for you. First of all, we are on track to launch the Steam Deck in time. Despite the global pandemic, supply problems and distribution problems, it appears that we will be able to start shipping some units by the end of February. “

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Valve continues to work on compatibility of Steam games with the Steam Deck

While the information leaves the door open for a final delay, it seems that the chances are slim. Of course, Valve will ship the Steam Deck units to those who purchased it first, so patience will be a virtue for those interested in the device.

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Separately, the Steam Deck team noted: “In parallel, work and testing has been carried out for the Steam Deck Verified program. You will soon be able to see Deck Verified status for a growing set of Steam games. We are checking 4 main categories: input, fluency, display and system compatibility. It is also important to give developers the ability to test their games to get that verification, which is why we have been shipping developer kits in large numbers and will continue to do so. ” .

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