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Halo Multiplayer: Reach on Xbox 360 is still alive for the least expected reason | LevelUp

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This week, 343 Industries took the servers offline for deliveries of Halo for Xbox 360, thus leaving them without official support. It was a move that, until moments ago, felt like the end point for an era. However, a part of the multiplayer of Halo: Reach he clung to life to survive.

What happens is that, different users of social networks report that the multiplayer of the demo of Halo: Reach continues to operate. It is a test version that arrived in mid-2022 and that allowed you to enjoy multiplayer games on the Powerhouse map.

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But, how is it possible to continue operating? Why would 343 Industries shut down the original game’s servers, but keep a demo alive that can’t even be officially downloaded anymore? The thing is that both products work differently.

What happens is that the pairing of the demo of Halo: Reach uses data that is stored in the console instead of being on an external server. It is thanks to this that a direct matchmaking with other players is still possible. Of course, it is necessary that you organize yourself with others and dedicate what time to connect to be able to enjoy a game.

This news has caused several fans of Halo run to the demo and enjoy some games to publish them on YouTube as evidence that the online of Halo: Reach is still alive thanks to its demo.

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Although this is news that means little – after all, the servers for Halo of Xbox 360 are no longer operating―it is something that, without a doubt, is romantic and special for fans of the saga. After all, it’s a little taste of the online multiplayer of Halo on Xbox 360 that may never die.

And you, what do you think about this news? Are you excited that a small demo will keep the multiplayer of Halo on Xbox 360? Tell us in the comments.

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