Saturday, June 25

God of War for PC has been at least 2 years in development

Today is a historic day for those of us who have a PC as our main gaming platform since today premieres God of War on our computers, Kratos’ latest adventure released in 2018 for PS4, debuting on the keyboard and mouse platform.

It is a adaptation that is well cared for and that has been in charge of Jetpack Interactive, a Canadian study that has been supervised by Santa Monica Studio so that the development went smoothly and that the “fishmongers” can enjoy Kratos and Atreus as they deserve.

With the launch of the game we know several details such as its performance or how it looks on PC compared to PS4 or PS5, and we also know from an interview conducted by Game Informer that the PC version of God of War takes at least two years in development, something that Matt DeWald, one of the people in charge of the port and Jetpack Interactive.

I play most of the time with keyboard and mouse now because I’ve been working on it for two years and it has become my preferred option“DeWald says, referring to a change in his gameplay due to his work with God of War.”I find it super natural to play it with a keyboard and mouse“.

Mind you, DeWald also talks about those who prefer him too they can play with a controller and, in fact, they can play with any type of controller, from a PS4 DualShock to the Xbox controller and even a Nintendo Switch.

A good adaptation to computers

As you we have in our analysis of God of War for PC, we are before “a good adaptation that has satisfied us and that allows us to enjoy one of the best games of recent years on our PC, with graphic improvements in shadows or reflections, a very stable performance in our equipment, with hardly any glitches and well optimized, very useful technologies such as NVIDA DLSS, NVIDIA Reflex or AMD FSR and a wide range of technical and control customization options“.

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