Wednesday, September 28

Genshin Impact: images of Yae Miko’s game have been leaked

Just when you think you have your hands full with new Impacto Genshin content with update 2.4, new images of yae miko has fallen online showing the character moving in the game, as well as a quick look at his attacks and abilities.

While we don’t have a confirmed release date for Yae Miko, Genshin Impact’s official Twitter account has posted a short description of the character along with a nice piece of art. Yae Miko is an incredibly important character in the Inazuma storyline and as such stands out as a highly desired addition to the Genshin Impact community roster.

With this context in mind, you can only imagine how excited people are to see this leaked gameplay video (embedded below). Posted online by credited leaker Ubatcha on behalf of another prominent abc64 leaker (whose jokes were previously interpreted as genuine with comedic effect), this is the first and most detailed look at the character yet.

Here’s a quick rundown of what we see in this video. First of all, we see some of Yae’s regular attacks, spinning around her catalyst and launching short-range lightning attacks. On the other hand, Yae’s strong attack appears to be a frontal beam, somewhat similar to Lisa’s heavy one.

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In terms of elemental abilities, we see Yae deposit some electrocrystals while running backwards. While we don’t see how these can damage enemies, we do see that they bond together, which could allow Yae’s lightning strikes to reach a greater range. Finally, we get his ultimate ability, a giant lightning bolt that hits the ground in front of Yae Miko and explodes multiple times.

While we’re not sure when exactly the new major update is coming to Genshin Impact (that is, come on, the last update was literally released today), it is clear that we have a radical new addition to our group that we look forward to. If Yae is more to your liking than Shenhe or Yun Jin, maybe you’ll start saving those top gems.

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