Tuesday, October 4

Final Fantasy 14 will be on sale again in digital stores from January 25

Very good news for those who were looking forward to purchasing a copy of Final Fantasy XIV. Naoki Yoshida, director and producer of this popular MMORPG, shares through the official blog of the game’s website (goes VGC) that Final Fantasy XIV be available for purchase from January 25 after its withdrawal in mid-December due to the collapse of its online servers due to the release of Endwalker, the new expansion. It was a matter of time before the title manager announced the return of the game to the stores sooner rather than later, given that the servers have been stabilizing over the last few weeks.

Yoshida highlights in the report that Square Enix will open a new data center for the Oceana region on the same January 25 with the intention that there will be enough space “for all Oceana players to move in”. The service known as Home World Transfer will resume on January 26 to allow players to move to a new home world, albeit “with the exception of transfers to certain congested worlds.” On the other hand, they are also thinking of expanding the game’s Japanese data center with the aim of increasing the player capacity to 50,000 and thus avoid future problems.

Final Fantasy XIV may be withdrawn in the future if new problems are experienced

The data centers in North America and Europe will expand in two phases during the summer of 2022 and the summer of 2023. Why is this? As Yoshida emphasizes, by the global shortage of semiconductors, causing server equipment to take longer to arrive. So far everything sounds like a fable, although Yoshida has wanted to cover his back in case the problems with the servers return in the future. “In the event that servers continue to experience extreme levels of congestion, we might consider suspending digital sales again. We are aware that certain Worlds are experiencing a high server traffic at peak timesWhile some may consider this decision to resume sales premature, we ask for your understanding on this matter. “

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