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Enpeudejoc presents two roll and write • Console and Board

Enpeudejoc Edicions (Micomicons, Postmen, Monstrys) accompanies the start of 2022 of two new projects. The publisher presents Yuncos: The Dark Side of Light and Moly Trap, two board games belonging to the roll and write genre.


So much Yuncos: The Dark Side of Light What Moly Atrapa they are part of a collaboration between Enpeudejoc Edicions and the Chilean publishing house Within Play. The mission is to offer the edition in Spanish and Catalan. Both will be released in a small box. They take as inspiration nature itself, with illustrations by Dani Varela and Chilo Varela.

Community support will be sought through a joint fundraising campaign in Verkami. Will start on Thursday January 27th, with benefits for faster patrons. Thus, during the first 48 hours, they can be purchased at a reduced price, along with exclusive dice.

Yuncos: The Dark Side of Light

This roll and write by Miguel Suarez takes as a reference the fauna of Chile and the preservation and protection of its valuable species. From 1 to 6 players will face each other in games lasting 10 to 15 minutes.

Indicated from the age of 10, it takes us to the island of Choros, located in the region of Coquimbo Chile. We will meet Yunco, a bird with great diving skills. So much so that it feeds on fish and crustaceans from the deep.

Our mission is to help the animal to get food, avoiding crashing into obstacles. In addition, we will have to get him to return to Choros to nest.

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Moly Atrapa

From 1 to 6 players, from the age of 10, will travel to the deepest part of the Chilean forests. Unfortunately, a huge infestation of invading vermin disrupts the ecosystem, wiping out resources. The consequences? A displacement of indigenous species.

Not everything is lost. The Molinaranea magellanica, also known as the Moly spider, will use its hunting skills to fix the situation. It is not the only thing he knows how to do. Will have the ability to camouflage among the branches, weaving nets with which to catch prey.

As in the previous game, we will also have to help the animal. In this case, the spider will have to catch the largest number of bugs and, consequently, restore balance to the ecosystem. Miguel Suarez shares authorship with Eitel Saavedra. The challenges last 10 to 15 minutes.


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