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Disney prepares an Avatar MMO shooter, but it could disappoint you | Levelup

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Fans of Avatar They are looking forward to the next James Cameron films, but the wait will still be a long one. The franchise has a presence in the video game industry and its return is also imminent, as there are several projects in development that will recover its universe and its characters.

In addition to the Ubisoft game, Disney and Tentcent have just confirmed that they are also working on a game based on the popular IP. Is about Avatar: Reckoning, a shooter with MMO elements.

While the news may excite many followers of Avatar, some players are likely to be disappointed. The reason? Avatar: Reckoning It is not planned for consoles or PC.

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Announce Avatar: Reckoning for mobile devices

Disney confirmed that Avatar: Reckoning is a game in development only for iOS and Android devices, which could be a disappointment for some fans of the series. The project is in the hands of Tencent and other studios, including Lightstorm Entertainment and Archosaur Games.

The title created with Unreal Engine 4 will be distributed worldwide by Level Infinite, Tencent’s new distribution division. Its release is scheduled for later this year, likely to coincide with the release of the film sequel.

Avatar: Reckoning will offer fans an adventure across Pandora, where they will meet new Na’vi clans and join them in defending their home from various threats. Studies have stated that it can be played alone, but the idea is to have fun with its multiplayer component.

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The game will feature a single player campaign, as well as various cooperative and competitive modes, where participants will face off in combat. There will be a progression system that will allow our character to level up and equip himself with increasingly powerful weapons.

Tencent guarantees that Avatar: Reckoning It will look great thanks to “cutting edge graphics” and it will play very well with touch controls. For now, no images or a trailer for the title have been revealed, so we will have to wait to learn more about it.

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Avatar: Reckoning It will arrive at the end of the year to iOS and Android devices. Here you can learn more about the franchise and its games.

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