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Device will let you play your Nintendo 64 cartridges on your PC | LevelUp

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One of the best-remembered consoles by gamers is the Nintendo 64, hardware that made the jump to 3D games and offered us titles of enormous quality. The taste for its software is so great that a company wants to create a device so that you can play it on your current PC.

For a couple of months, all Switch users, with a subscription to Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack, can enjoy some of the games that made the Nintendo 64 great.

Very soon you will have to dust off your Nintendo 64 cartridges

However, despite the excitement that gamers had for this service, the result was not to their liking and they complained about different technical problems that do not help them have a good gaming experience.

Because of this, the company RetroArch (specializing in retro game emulation solutions) is working on new hardware that will allow you to run your Nintendo 64 cartridges on your PC.

This project is called RetroArch Open-Hardware, which will begin its compatibility with the N64, but over time it will seek to include other systems to become an open option that allows you to enjoy retro games directly from their original units.

The company has just confirmed that it has already partnered with a hardware manufacturer for a commercial launch, so it’s only a matter of time before anyone interested can get their hands on the promising hardware.

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According to the information shared, RetroArch plans to start production in mid-2022, although the company is very aware of the current global shortage of chips and points out that everything could change.

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And precisely to know the interest of potential customers, those responsible for RetroArch Open-Hardware want you to help them answer a survey where they will ask you if you still have video game cartridges and even your opinion on what other console you would like to be compatible with your project.

What do you think of this device? would you buy it Tell us in the comments.

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