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After adopting the free-to-play model, PUBG doubles its player base | Levelup

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Well they say that it is better late than never. This week, PUBG: Battlegrounds, the popular shooter that popularized the Battle Royale genre in that distant 2017, finally adopted the free-to-play model on all platforms. The transition, although it bothered a sector of the players, seems to have paid off.

According to figures from SteamDB, Krafton’s Battle Royale saw a fairly considerable rebound in popularity on Valve’s platform after abandoning the paid model. Specifically, it reached a peak of 667,399 simultaneous players during the afternoon of last Wednesday, January 12.

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While it is still far from the impressive all-time peak of 3,236,027 concurrent users on Steam that was reached in January 2018, it still represents a significant boost when you consider that, in the last 2 months, it averaged close to 300,00 concurrent players. Likewise, this week’s figures are the best since March 2021.

Image via Steam DB

Of course, the hype slowly began to wane. As of this writing, the count is down to 167,871 concurrent players on Steam. Of course, it is impossible to know with certainty if the number of users also increased on the other platforms.

PUBG: Battlegrounds receives a wave of negative reviews after becoming a free-to-play

Unfortunately, not all players welcomed the model change. As noted by senior analyst Daniel Ahmad, Krafton’s title saw a rise in negative reviews on Steam in recent days.

Apparently, the users who started complaining are those who bought the game, so they are not happy that it is now free and are demanding refunds. Of course, it is worth remembering that Krafton will reward with a special commemorative pack to all the players who acquired the title.

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Lastly, the presence of cheaters was also one of the factors that caused the community upset and the rise of negative reviews on Steam.

But tell us, have you already given this project a chance now that it is free? Do you think it will be able to rival other Battle Royale on the market? Let us read you in the comments.

PUBG: Battlegrounds is available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X | S. Follow this link to read more news related to this popular shooter.

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