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Xbox Series X | S breaks it in the UK and leaves PS5 in third place | Levelup

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When Microsoft announced its new generation it presented 2 console models, Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X. At that time it was thought that it was an exaggeration on the part of the company and a desperate attempt to gain market, however, time has given it The reason because in an age where the dominance of Switch persists and shortages affect PS5, Xbox found an ideal opportunity to break through, as is happening in the United Kingdom.

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Xbox Series X | S outsold PS5 during December 2021 in UK

Xbox has started to excel in a market dominated by Nintendo and PlayStation in recent years, UK, as reported in the console sales report by GfK and shared by To begin with, it was confirmed that the total sales of Xbox Series X | S already exceeded one million units sold in this market, thanks to the momentum that both consoles had during December 2021, which was 108% and which was also seen strengthened by a major Xbox Series X resupply.

Xbox Series X | S is taking advantage of the PS5 shortage

These figures allowed Xbox Series X | S to rise to second place in sales, leaving Nintendo Switch in the first position – a console unrivaled in the United Kingdom for years – and sending the PS5 to third position, a fact that stands out in a market that had been reluctant to adopt Microsoft’s gaming proposition.

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According to the report, December 2021 is recorded as the best month in sales of Xbox Series X | S so far, in addition to adding 2 months in ascent reaching figures that were not even seen in its launch month.

Without a doubt, it seems that Xbox is taking advantage of the void that the PS5 shortage is leaving in important markets and players are beginning to see an option in such a situation to get an Xbox Series X | S.

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