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Viral: teacher meets again with a student 10 years later thanks to Twitch | Levelup

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Behind the great Twitch figures that currently attract the eyes of millions of fans, there are people who once went to school and had other jobs to support their expenses. As proof of the above we have the case of Miyu, a popular streamer who served as a teacher a decade ago.

In one of the curious twists and turns of life, the content creator, who is part of the popular Twitch channel Alchemy, unexpectedly met one of her former students during a live broadcast. The reunion, unsurprisingly, resulted in a very adorable and equal parts fun moment.

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During a live broadcast, a viewer wrote in the chat that Miyu was his teacher years ago. This revelation caught the content creator by surprise, who nervously confessed that she was a high school English teacher for 2 years.

The streamer wanted to corroborate the statements of the mysterious viewer, so she asked him to name the class they were in. When she saw the correct answer, Miyu was extremely surprised and screamed in excitement before explaining what was happening.

His reaction says it all (Image via Twitch)

“Oh rays! He’s my student, he’s my fucking student from 10 years ago. He used to teach in high school. He was 13 years old and is now 23 years old. You are watching my stream! Get off my stream! ”Exclaimed the content creator as she couldn’t stop laughing.

After this sweet reunion, Miyu wanted to remember her time as a teacher and even showed a shirt that had all the signatures of her former students. Given the spontaneousness of this moment, the clip, which you can see if you give click here, quickly went viral and generated all kinds of positive comments.

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