Saturday, May 28

Video Tutorial Raju (prototype) • Console and Dashboard

Raju reaches its final stretch in Verkami. We are taking advantage of these last days of the campaign to publish a video tutorial, showing its components and explaining its rules. Over the course of six minutes, we discovered the contents of the box and detailed the mechanics.

The one that is the new Pinbro Games project bears the signature of Francisco Gallardo. From 2 to 6 players, from the age of 8, will guide their group of heroes following a system of tricks. The mission is to get hold of the most valuable Arkonites, even if that means murdering and robbing opponents.

As we saw in the review published a few weeks ago, it can be enjoyed in a fast mode and in a long one. We must bear in mind that we have used the prototype, so we are not facing a final design.


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