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Twitch will combat hate raids with these novelties for streamers | Levelup

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Twitch has been in the news in recent months for the regrettable hate raids that have plagued many users of the popular platform. This problem has escalated to such a degree that streamers planned a boycott to demand improvements and a safer environment.

The company wants to make it clear that it has listened to its community, so Angela Hession, Vice President of Trust and Safety at Twitch, made a post explaining what they will do this year to reduce hate raids and other practices that directly impact streamers. and your community.

The board accepted that hate raids are unlikely to be completely eradicated; however, it gave users hope as it presented all the news and tools that they will offer to avoid them and thus have a more secure environment.

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Twitch wants users to have more confidence and security on the platform

Hession stated that they are constantly working to improve Twitch security, so in 2021 they made major adjustments, such as implementation of assistive technology and tools for content creators. In addition, they updated and tightened their hate speech and harassment policy.

As if that weren’t enough, they recently removed more than 15 million bot accounts. Twitch knows that there is still a lot to improve, especially regarding hate raids. Although they accepted that this practice is very likely to continue, they want to offer users alternatives to avoid it and be protected.

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To do so, they will report more on their new education, accountability and feedback initiatives. It will also boost phone verification tools for chatting and detecting suspicious users.

Hession’s goal involves making harmful behaviors more visible on the platform, empowering its community, improving both education and communication regarding safety, and finding a balance between the type of content offered on Twitch.

For this, it has a strategy that will be developed throughout 2022 and that will include the following changes that will undoubtedly be well received by the community:

  • Improvements in user complaints and appeals processes
  • Updates on how creators can use suspicious user detection information
  • Updates to the sexual content policy
  • Updates on the Security Advisory Council based on your comments
  • More educational content and programming in our Safety Center, live streams and much more

“One of the comments we often hear is that they want more information. The honest and unfortunate reality is that we can’t always be specific, as malicious people can and have used that transparency to try to thwart our efforts. Of course, we agree that we must strike a better balance, “commented Hession.

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