Friday, September 30

Twisted Metal game rumored to be now in the hands of PlayStation’s Firesprite studio

The saga of the rumored Twisted Metal reboot continues, well, twisting. Back in September, Destruction AllStars developer Lucid Games was believed to be working on a Twisted Metal title for PlayStation 5. However, just this week, Lucid was reported to have been pulled from that project. That’s where this next chapter begins.

VGC followed up on its previous report with a new one, stating that “Firesprite is the developer who has taken over Project Twister Metal.” If Lucid was removed from the game, then PlayStation certainly needs another studio to take over and develop it further. However, the handover is a bit strange. VGC points out that the two studios are practically neighboring, as they are “barely 15 minutes from each other in Liverpool, UK.” Additionally, Lucid Games staff apparently moved to Firesprite, including Matt Southern, who switched studios but retained the title of “Game Director.” It remains to be seen how all of this will be resolved.

We know of at least one game that Firesprite is surely in development. Horizon Call of the Mountain was revealed along with the first details of PlayStation VR 2. Firesprite was just acquired in September of last year, and dad Sony has already been putting it to work on some big projects.

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