Sunday, September 25

They compare God of War on PS4 on PS5 with the PC version on Ultra

God of War launches tomorrow on PC and has already been analyzed in Vandal. The computer version of this game released in 2018 for PlayStation 4 offers a good range of configurations to adapt the adventure to the possibilities of each team and is even compatible with NVIDIA DLSS and AMD FSR, two technologies for smoothing and rescaling textures that will allow us to improve the performance of the game.

Some reviews have started comparing the game on its Ultra settings with God of War running on PlayStation 5, although you have to remember that there is no native version for the current Sony console Rather, it works through backward compatibility and with an improvement patch that mainly allows the framerate to be stabilized at 60 images per second.

On powerful PCs a native 4K resolution is achieved – instead of using a rescaling – and there are several graphical improvements in the quality of textures or dynamic fog. GameSpot comments that these are very subtle details and the main difference will be in the shadows, which can change the appearance of some scenes; There are also small differences in color but the medium attributes this to a capture with different devices and it would not be an indication of a real difference.

Good performance and hardly any loading times

God of War has shown to have a good job behind when it comes to making this adaptation for PC by offering us a good performance at all times, without jerks, tearing and without bugs or referable failures beyond some minor animations (such as some vegetation movements) and some kinematics that seem to suffer a bit with rates beyond 60 fps, but nothing serious, something that can also be solved with the usual game launch patch “, we have on PC prints.

God of War reaches our computers with a good adaptation that has satisfied us and that allows us to enjoy one of the best games of recent years on our PC, with graphical improvements in shadows or reflections, a very stable performance on our equipment, with hardly any glitches and well optimized “.

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