Thursday, September 29

The Uncharted movie releases a new poster and prepares for its premiere

The Uncharted movie is getting closer and closer and we can almost touch it. After several changes in management, which greatly clouded the project causing it to almost be lost like tears in the rain, the person in charge of Zombieland and a regular Sony Pictures filmmaker, Ruben Fleischer, took command and directed Tom Holland Y Mark Wahlberg towards the right path. Less than a month after its official premiere in cinemas, at least in Spain, the company responsible for the film has launched a new poster with its main cast in the main shot.

This time, yes, the usual structure of most Hollywood blockbuster posters is followed, showing the most important characters in larger size, as if it were a pyramid, and leaving only a medium shot of each one. Posters that own Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens exploded to say enough and that we have also seen in other successful projects such as Avengers: Infinity War The Avengers: Endgame. Tom Holland, Mark Wahlberg, Sophia Ali, Tati Gabrielle and Antonio Banderas star in this new image.

A very mainstream poster, but that is amazing

“Looking good while planning to steal a treasure valued at $ 5 billion counts as a skill, right? The Uncharted movie will be exclusively in theaters on February 18.”

We have seen in the past the tremendous sequence of the plane in detail, which has been inspired by the third installment of Uncharted in video games but has added some differences to be able to adapt to the cinematographic field. The tape for now does not look bad and it seems that we will have a quite worthy adaptation, or that at least is what their trilers and the footage seen to date have transmitted. With good references to video games, just like Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City, and quite a bit of respect for the source material (although that Sully and his mustache still hurt a bit). Play Tom Holland a good role as Nathan Drake?

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