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The origin of the names of some video games • Consola y Tablero

Every essentially curious person has already wondered about the origin of things. It also applies to the source of the names of the top gambling games.

This article unveils why the most popular gambling games are called this way and not another. The stories are exciting and will satisfy any born inquisitive person! Are you ready? So let’s get started.


It is difficult to be precise with its history. Some attribute its origin to the Song Dynasty of China in the 10th century. Others claim its origin was a 16th-century Persian game called «Ace Nas».

Some even claim that its origin is in the French word «poque», a game French colonisers brought to the United States during the 18th century.

It is worth knowing that the game was also known as «bluff», which comes from the word bluffen. In English, it means to bluff, deceive, or mislead someone.


The name comes from the piece created by Blaise Pascal, French mathematician, physicist, writer and inventor. Its original name is «roulette», which means «little wheel».

In 1655, Pascal sought to create a perpetual motion machine, but his intention failed. That is, it worked very well because he unknowingly invented the roulette wheel that we know today and which is one of the most popular casino games in the world!

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According to historians, the Italian Felix Falguieri invented this game, which in the 1400s was played with tarot cards.

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Its name derives from the Italian word for ‘zero’, and that is because all the figures (aces, kings, jacks and queens) have a value of zero.

Another possibility is that the game originated in France because «baccarat» is also zero in the French language, but many researchers dismiss this story.


Also called «21», blackjack emerged in 17th century France as Vingt-et-un. When the game came to the United States in the 19th century, casinos began to offer the game «blackjack».

Blackjack is the jack of spades in the deck, and it is said that the replacement of the name was only to make it easier for Americans to pronounce it.

And finally

Here’s one last curiosity: do you know where the word «dealer» comes from, which are the dealers in live casino games? In English, the word means «dealer», and «deal» means «to deal», which is precisely the function of these professionals in front of the gaming tables, dealing the cards.

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