Sunday, October 2

Stars in the Trash, the indie adventure set in Spain, presents its trailer

Valhalla Cats, the independent studio from Murcia creator of The Purring Quest, has presented the trailer for his new project: Stars In The Trash, to arrive soon at PC -no date announced-. It is a storytelling platformer that combines action, exploration, and puzzles with animated movie graphics.

“Tired of being stuck at home, Moka decides to escape and seek adventure“says the study. But the trip will have dangers and the cat must learn to survive and appreciate what he has left behind before losing his best friend and everything he had.

As you can see in the trailer, the world of Stars In The Trash is hand painted in watercolors and is inspired by classic animated films. We will find new friends, and an emotional journey from the point of view of a feline. Valhalla Cats estimates a duration between 3 and 5 hours with intuitive challenges for all types of players.

A study founded in 2013

Valhalla Cats is an independent video game studio formed at the end of 2013. The team defines itself as a lover of animals and video games, and a percentage of its profits go to various animal protectors. “Our intention is to create fun games with a very careful technical section and attention to detail “, says the developer.

Stars in the Trash independent game developed in Spain

Your previous game, The Purring Quest (2015) also starred a cat, although in this case the adventure wasted humor and proposed us to meet famous internet cats turned into memes, all with an aesthetic cartoon which featured a traditional old school animator with experience in Disney and Warner Bros. productions.

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