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Star Citizen: Squadron 42 campaign will need another two years to complete

We may one day enjoy the long-awaited and anticipated campaign of Star Citizen? The answer is yes, but we will still have to do one more exercise in patience: it seems that this story mode, titled Squadron 42, Won’t be ready for two years. This is what Cloud Imperium Games has said, after stating that the campaign “will be finished when it is finished”. These words come after fans asked for more information about this facet of the title.

Squadron 42, the story of Star Citizen, arrive. But not today

They have been months of great movement within the Cloud Imperium Games offices, and not necessarily due to issues directly related to the development of Star Citizen. The studio has moved its headquarters to Manchester and plans to expand its workforce to 1,000 employees. Chris Roberts, head of the studio, has also settled in the UK after living in Los Angeles.. This is allowing him to spend more time with the Squadron 42 team … or it will mean that the campaign may be over in the near future.

At least, that’s the hope of COO Carl Jones: “I guess we’ll have to see how long it takes [Roberts] be [en el Reino Unido]. But yes, may be one or two to ms“He indicated when setting a release window for this content.” He is spending more time with the Squadron 42 team and our other developers, and it will be this year that he will be moving here for longer periods of time. “

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In a year or two we will have Squadron 42 with us

“Hopefully,” Jones continues, “that means we can advance Squadron 42 to complete it faster. We want to end that game, but be finished when it’s ready. “At least players will have a rough idea from these statements of when they will be able to enjoy this content. Also, an important note is that the developers have plans to make a sequel … so late or sooner, the truth is that we will have a campaign to Star Citizen.

Star Citizen, slated to become the ultimate life and space simulator, is currently available in alpha for the PC. The game has passed $ 400 million in revenue, and recently it was free to play.

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