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Stage 11 of the Dakar Rally, live

La stage 11 of the 2022 Dakar Rally decide this edit. It is the penultimate and tomorrow there will be no ground to go back. It is a loop in Bisha with slopes of all kinds. In cars, Al-Attiyah it has everything going for it. Carlos Sainz look for the stage win. On motorcycles, there is great excitement. Van Beveren lead, but Joan Barreda you have options.

7:21: Sunderland is already behind Quintanilla on the track

And the Chilean left 14 minutes earlier. Sam has overtaken no less than six riders in these little more than 100 kilometers: De Soultrait, Ricky Brabec, Mare, Klein, Petrucci and Michek. And going alone. Brutal

7:18: Barreda, with two ‘limpets’

Joan reaches km 169 and does not take Price and Luciano Benavides off their wheel. The Spaniard is first with 3:07 on the Argentine and 6:10 on the Australian, who are going to see them come. Logic, team orders at KTM and Husqvarna for what’s coming from behind. It continues to paint badly for Torreblanca

7:16: Santolino collapses

Lorenzo has had a bad partial and is 14:14 from Sunderland at km 127. He lost more than 5 minutes in that area. His ‘top 10’, very committed

7:12: As Sunderland is coming

The British is going to sack. He gets first at km 127 and puts Quintanilla a minute and a half more, which he already leaves at 2:48. Brutal. Barreda, already at 9:01 from GasGas. Missing Walkner

7:08: Kevin Benavides, Walkner’s escort

The Argentine is the safeguard of the 2018 winner. He goes behind in case something happens to him. KTM has made him re-engage with this mission

7:07: This is how Walkner is leading the stage

Following Others’ Dust Can Help

7:03: Quintanilla confirms Barreda’s problems

Uff. Pablo goes through km 127 and already puts a minute to Joan, 6:13, that is, he endorses 5 minutes more than before. Van Beveren, at 12:50 from the Chilean. Income barely stabilized. French also has it very complicated. The South American is Honda’s great asset and that is why yesterday the Japanese forced to reduce his sanction from two to one minute and to keep his starting position behind … to the detriment of Barreda

7:01: Santolino also wins something from Barreda

Lorenzo goes with Svitko and cuts Joan off for a few seconds. Van Beveren found the help of his partner Short. The bad thing for the man from Salamanca is that he is going to lose a lot with the Quintanilla, Walkner and company

6:58: Van Beveren se recupera

Adrien hasn’t said his last word. The Frenchman recovers almost five minutes from Barreda at km 127. But he paints more than it is due to an error by the Spaniard, because Svitko surpasses the Castell√≥n when before he gave up more than a minute and a half with him. Bad roll for Torreblanca

6:53: The bivouac, bird’s eye view

This is the Dakar camp in Bisha, in the middle of nowhere

6:50 AM: Barreda, already at km 127

And, as we presume, Joan shoots and has behind, not helping, Luciano Benavides, who gets 3:17, and Price, who gets 6:11. They have both cut something out of him to catch him. Doesn’t look good with a view to what’s coming behind

6:47: Piloting at dawn

And between the black mountains of Bisha. Great stage

6:44: Car hours

The 4-wheelers, with much less excitement, start at 7:40. Peterhansel will start first, followed, in three minutes, by Sainz. Loeb part fifth, at 7:52, and Al-Attiyah, seventh, at 7:58. Nasser comes out in a great position to control Seb, whom he takes out for more than half an hour in the general classification. Qatar, face to face, but this is the Dakar

6:40: What can Barreda do?

Well, honestly, he has a very difficult time with this situation. He opens the track and Price and Luciano are not going to help him even if they catch him. He is Honda and the other two are from the KTM group. You must pull hard and not look back. The less you think the better. Trusting that the others get lost, although it is complicated because they are many rivals and with fresh traces. There is ground for miracle and the distance is not so wide. For now, one, Van Beveren, is already behind

6:35: Walkner, in command

Well, we will have to wait a long time to verify everything. Walkner, who started on the 26th, takes first place. Overtake Pedrero and it goes like a shot. He gives 24 seconds to Sunderland and 47 to Quintanilla at km 43. To Barreda and 2:04. The Austrian, before his great opportunity to repeat triumph

6:32: So Pedrero’s partner leaves

The Bolivian Nosiglia, with the Rieju, in action

6:20: Sunderland, 1

Sam hasn’t said his last word. Part 17, good for him, and come back. He is already first at km 43 and puts 23 seconds on Quintanilla and 1:40 on Barreda. The British, who already passed De Soultrait on the track, and Walkner, who is coming from behind, are the options of KTM / GasGas

6:18. As sala Ricky Brabec

The American is a long way off overall, but can help other Hondas

6:11: That’s how they started, at night

And cold. A constant in this Dakar

6:08: Quintanilla imposes logic

The Chilean, by starting position, had it very well and ratifies it. It goes through km 43 and gets first … with great distances. He scores 1:17 on Barreda and more than 12 minutes on Van Beveren

6:07: Dakar beat Checa

Enrique Naranjo spoke with him. He already wants to return and has not left: the Dakar beats Checa

6:01: The leader and Santolino, lost

Uff. What stage. Van Beveren, the motorcycle leader, was lost at the start, as Price, Luciano and others seem to have been. The French left 11:05 no less with Barreda, who will overtake him in the general classification. Santolino followed the Gaul and also turned aside. Give in already 6:36. What a fabric

5:53: The Dakar honors Peterhansel

For his 49 victories in cars (they are 33 ms in motorcycles). A myth

5:48: Barreda already hunted the first

How’s Joan going? At the first point, the one at km 43 has already caught and left Luciano Benavides and Price behind. So he endorses 6:26 to the Australian (who left 6 minutes before him) and 3:50 to the Argentine (who left three before). The bad thing is that now the Spanish opens track

5:30: Classic trucks

They are seen less because they are the last to leave and arrive, but they are a gem

5:22: Santolino, for the ‘top 10’

Lorenzo lost rope in the general classification in the last days, but yesterday he made a great special. Part fifth for a ‘top 10’ that he deserves for his great work on the modest Sherco. He leaves surrounded by very fast guys and starts after leader Van Beveren. Kevin Benavides, technical KO yesterday, has re-engaged and will also be in the game, although without options in the general. In case you can help at KTM

5:16: Barreda, at 8:47 of sleep

The one from Torreblanca is going through the most important stage of his already long sports career. He was never this close to winning the rally. Just when he’s running with a cleft left clavicle and others in a better position. But it is the day to attack and leave everything. Let’s go

5:10: The motorcycles leave

After some controversy over the sanctions put in place and half removed, what did not change was the starting position. That could have benefited Barreda, but Joan was third. Toby Price opens the track, followed by Luciano Benavides, the man from Castellón, the leader Van Beveren and Santolino. Quintanilla, Walkner or Sunderland do it further back and give them an advantage

The stage 11 of the 2022 Dakar Rally It is the decisive one. It is the penultimate and tomorrow there will only be 164 km. Today, there are 345 kilometers of special, complemented by another 155 of connection. It will not be one of the most demanding in terms of mileage thanks to the short links, but it is the most intense in sports. It has the most varied terrain of the entire rally. Sand will be the majority surface, but there will also be a high percentage of dunes (27% of the route will be in this type of place). There will also be a good stretch of dirt and rocks, even more so than in the previous days. The stage will start with sandy tracks inside canyons, which always complicates the navigation. Then they will reach 60 kilometers of dunes (soft) and after them will return some areas of difficult navigation. The dunes will reappear from kilometer 237, followed by off-piste areas and more soft dunes, and the final part will run along sandy tracks.

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