Wednesday, September 28

Shadow Man Remastered is now available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

Shadow Man is a game that Acclaim published on 1999 for PC, Nintendo 64, PSX and Dreamcast, achieving a great reception among critics and players who were dazzled by the story of Shadow Man and his playable proposal.

The to the past from the hand of Nightdive Studios we got la remasterizacin Shadow Man: Remastered a PC, a new version that adapted the game to the past 2021 and that arrives today on last generation consoles from Sony and Microsoft: PlayStation 4 y Xbox One.

Shadow Man Remastered has several improvements ranging from graphic updates in the textures or animations to various tweaks in the gameplay through new pieces of music by the original composer, Tim Haymood. Also also indite content is included which was removed from the original game and is now present in the form of three new levels: Summer Camp, Scrapyard, and Asylum Station 2.

Shadow Man also has a remake … created by a fan

In addition to this remastering that you can already play on PS4 and Xbox One and which is also scheduled to launch on Nintendo Switch (no date for now), Shadow Man also has a remake in the works … which is being created by a fan who has decided to adapt the original game to Unreal Engine 4 with a lot of changes and a rather interesting look in its early stages of development:

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