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Pre-order Saints Row at GAME and get an exclusive gift coin

Offered by GAME Spain

Crime, anarchy and all Holy Unharmed to conquer in the new installment of Saints Row. A madness that you cannot miss that restart the saga with a completely different vision than what you already know. One of the most anticipated open world games of 2022 that you can now pre-order at GAME!

Also, by reserving Saints Row in GAME you will be able to take a spectacular commemorative coin of the gift set.

Also in GAME you can find the NOTORIUS EDITION of Saints Row exclusively, and that includes the following content:

  • Juego SAINTS ROW.
  • STEELBOOK exclusivo.
  • Expansion Pass with additional content.
  • Un pster por ambas caras (66cm(W) x 39.3cm(H)).
  • Mini-book of illustrations.
  • 4 postcards of Santo Ileso.
  • 4 cards with illustrations of the characters.
  • Extra content: Los Panteros American Muscle Bundle.
  • Extra content: Saints Criminal Customs.
Reserva Saints Row en GAME y ll

Finally, when booking Saints Row in GAME you are also going to take the “IDOLS ANARCHY PACK” DLC and what includes additional downloadable content for your adventure.

So you already know! Don’t miss out on your exclusive GAME commemorative coin as a gift when booking Saints Row, both in its standard edition and in its complete exclusive NOTORIOUS EDITION loaded with additional content. Available for PS5, PS4, XBOX and PC.

Reserva Saints Row en GAME y ll

Saints Row returns on August 23

As a future boss or boss, with Neenah, Kevin and Eli by your side, you will create the Saints and face the Panthers, Idols and Marshall as you build your empire in the streets of Santo Ileso and have to fight for it. control of the city. Ultimately, Saints Row is the story of a startup, only the Saints are in the crime business.

This reboot will deliver the best playground ever created on Saints Row; ehe extensive and particular environment of Santo Ileso is the backdrop for a sandbox wild and huge of exciting shenanigans, criminal deals and spectacular missions; the road to the top is littered with gunfights, reckless driving, and airsuit flights.

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