Friday, September 30

Pokémon Legends: Arceus Debuts In-Depth 13-Minute Gameplay

Fans of Pokmon They are going to start the year 2022 in the best possible way since the January 28 will go on salepara Nintendo Switch, Leyendas Pokmon: Arceus, a new installment of the saga with different mechanics than what we are usually used to, something that Game Freak has decided to turn Pokémon Legends into a spin-off of the main saga.

A few minutes ago Nintendo posted a new video of the game, a gameplay of 13 minutes of duration thanks to which we can see in great detail the technical finish of the game or several of its new mechanics that we can enjoy when we begin to explore the Hisui region:

A new path for the saga

Along with this video, we have published a complete preview of Leyendas Pokmon: Arceus in which we review some of the most important aspects of this new game that, from the outset, has been quite promising, with Game Freak targeting unconditional fans of the saga as well as those who have not touched it in yearsfor appreciating exhaustion in its formula. There are many people who grew up with the series and who have not returned because they may prefer action games to turn-based RPGs, or because they want great adventures where exploration is an angular part of the game. In the absence of testing for ourselves if the formula works, it seems that this is the Pokémon that those fans have been waiting for years, decades or more than a decade.“.

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