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Nintendo provides five tips to survive in Metroid Dread • Console and Dash

Metroid Dread It is already a reality on Nintendo Switch, since last year. So that we do not forget this installment (and in passing to give us a hand), Nintendo shares a video with five survival tips.


Staying alive on planet ZDR is not an easy task. To help us stay in one piece, Nintendo provides five helpful tips.

1. Find hidden passages.

The round of advice begins with the recommendation of look for hidden passages. Shooting any suspicious element will open the way to new corners.

2. Take special care in dangerous environments.

For example, we know how Samus’s suit requires improvements that allow it to withstand high temperatures. If we are not prepared, it is better not to enter. The temperature indicators (low, normal or high) will give us the clue before entering an area.

In the same way, if we reach an inaccessible path, it is better to progress to return later. Maybe we need a skill that we don’t have yet.

3. Take advantage of the map.

The maximum optimization of the map is fundamental in the progress and, therefore, in the same survival. It is the new skills that allow us to access areas that we could not before. Consulting the map after acquiring one is essential to orient yourself, with the help of the markers.

For their part, EMMIs are indicated by red dots. If we manage not to lose sight of them, we will have a lot of cattle, since we will know the exact moment in which they are approaching.

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4. Use kickback.

Just as it is important to take advantage of the map, it is also important to take advantage of the backlash. It is not easy to find it, at least until we become familiar with it. The idea is to press the ‘X’ just when the light shines.

When executing it successfully, we will press the ‘Y’ to chain it with another attack. Defeating enemies with the counterattack will be the way to get more items.

5. Use the free shot.

By tilting the left stick against the edge, we can aim with the greatest precision. This advice is useful to keep calm when we are in serious danger.

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