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Monster Hunter Rise: Warm Skin | How to hunt Kelbi and Anteka

Non-aggressive creatures can also produce useful items, even if they are easy to take down.

Warm skins They are a material in Rise of the Monster Hunter, used to manufacture a variety of equipment.

You’ll have to chase down some scary monsters, but that’s a refreshing change from taking on the toughest beasts in the world.

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What are Warm Pelts in Monster Hunter Rise?

Warm Pelts are, as the name suggests, a crafting material you get from certain monsters. To harvest them, you must hunt and carve a monster of the appropriate type.

How to get Warm Pelts in Monster Hunter Rise

A couple of little monsters drop Warm Pelts: Kelbi Y Anteka. Both are largely docile herbivores, so hunting them is not particularly dangerous.

No special techniques are required to hunt any of the monsters. However, it’s worth noting that the Anteka in particular can get aggressive when attacked, so be sure to stun him first. Meanwhile, Kelbi are particularly vulnerable to headshots.

In both cases, it is better to look for them in a Expedition Tour when your focus is agriculture for resource processing. This gives you more freedom to move around and take your time looking for more monsters.

A Kelbi is more likely to drop a Warm Pelt than an Anteka: 45% instead of 18%.

Where to find Kelbi

Kelbi are at the top of the Sanctuary Ruins, in particular areas 11 and 13.

Where to find Anteka

Anteka lives in the Frozen islands, where they can be found particularly in the southwestern parts of the map (areas 1 and 6).

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Crafting recipes that require Warm Pelts in Monster Hunter Rise

From what we can tell at this point, Warm Pelts is used exclusively in the crafting of armor sets.

The following brewing recipes call for Warm Pelts:

  • Arzuros Armor Set (Helmet Part)
  • Bone Armor Set (Bracer Piece)
  • Bullfango Armor Set (Mask Piece)
  • Droth Armor Set (Mail Piece)
  • Hunter’s Armor Set (Helmet Parts and Greaves)
  • Khezu Armor Set (Coil Piece)
  • Lagombi Armor Set (Coil Piece)
  • Leather armor set (helmet and glove parts)
  • Slagtoth Armor Set (Cloak and Hood Parts)
  • Volvon Armor Set (Coil Piece)

For more information on Monster Hunter Rise, check out our tips page.

To compare armor sets like the ones you’ll create with Warm Pelts, check out our guide to the best armor for the early and late game.

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