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Mirotic and Jokubaitis lead Barcelona’s revenge against Anadolu Efes




El Barcelona tumb al Anadolu Efes (82-77), his black beast in recent years, who in addition to snatching the last Euroleague title from him, had defeated him in four of his last five clashes. Mirotic (15+4), Sanli (13 + 7) and a great Jokubaitis (16 points with 3/4 triples), very active all night and author of the basket that closed the victory, led the victory of the Catalans, in need of victory after adding three consecutive defeats between the League and the Euroleague.

The Ephesus It is far from being last season’s steamroller (its 8-9 record is no accident), but it still has such talented players that they can hold on to any game even on a bad day. Micic (18+4), Larkin (17+2+4), Dunston (12 + 6) and Simon (12) were the ones who rowed the most almost the entire game against the tide to allow their team to arrive alive at the last minute, but neither they nor the antics of Ergin Ataman, they were able to change the sign of the party. The Turkish coach, after being disqualified in the third quarter after receiving two techniques, refused to leave the court and put on a show to do so, even heading to the stands. Regrettable his.

The meeting started at the pace that demanded Jasikevicius, with a great defensive intensity of his own and a Mirotic stellar who did whatever he wanted in attack, driving a Singleton that neither saw him. Late in the first act, the Hispano-Montenegrin (9) had the same points as all of Efes (17-9, min 7). The Turks, chaotic in attack with a Micic very thick, they woke up when, with Mirotic on the bench, I left Larkin to lead a 2-8 partial to unblock his team (19-17, min 10).

The little devil of the Ephesus takes over the party and, together with a Dunston very incisive under the boards, the Turks set their maximum income (26-32, min 16). Without Mirotic Bara lost his great offensive reference and conceded a 5-15. The fouls complicated life to both teams when Micic committed the third foul and shortly thereafter Davies. Sanli reactivated the Catalans against his exes, with Mirotic already on the court but better defended by murman. And the triples of Jokubaitis y Larkin They made up somewhat the statistical erratic of Bara (3/10) and Efes (3/14) before the break (40-41). The Turks dominated the rebound (12-16 with seven offenses) and Larkin (12) put the spice in attack.

The game was uphill for Efes at the restart. Larkin went to the bank with a blow to the knee, Sanli, Laprovittola and Kuric hit from the triple and Ataman received two techniques for protesting and was disqualified. The Turkish coach put on his show, refusing to leave the court. And when he did, five minutes later, before entering the changing room tunnel, he raised his fists to the air, heading for the stands and saying: “I won the cup“. His team was unfortunate. His team, meanwhile, conceded an 11-2 (51-43, min 23). Larkin returned, but it was Micic and Moerman who avoided the total break (61-56, min 30).

The Bacelona I was thrown in the final act (67-58, min 32), but Singleton, Micic y Larkin, with a triple (their first basket in the second half), they put fear in the body of the Catalans creating a partial of 6-14 (73, min 37). It was swim to die on shore, because Jokubaitis, Davies with a triple and Mirotic scared the ghosts (80-72, min 38) while Micic and Larkin, monopolizing all the attacks, they got entangled in the cul defense. An unsportsmanlike move from Mirotic to Dunston and a basket from Micic gave excitement at the end (80-77, 34 seconds), but Jokubaitis closed the game with a basket (82-77).

Technical data:

82 – Only (19 + 21 + 21 + 21): Laprovittola (5), Higgins (9), Sergi Martnez (2), Mirotic (15), Davies (7) -initial team-, Exum (1), Sanli (13), Smits (-), Hayes-Davis (4) ), Kuric (8), Jokubaitis (16) and Nnaji (2).

77 – Anadolu Efes (17+24+15+21): Bryant (-), Micic (18), Simon (12), Singleton (6), Pleiss (2) -equipo inicial-, Larkin (17), Beaubois (2), Moerman (6), Anderson (2), Petrusev (-) y Dunston (12).

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