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Mario Kart Tour takes his exciting races to a new city | Levelup

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Fans of Mario Kart They may have to wait a long time for the new game in the series to arrive on the Nintendo Switch, as it is not even officially confirmed. However, there is a title that they can play to lighten the wait. We are talking about Mario Kart Tour, you have just received content from a new world city.

DeNA and Nintendo continue to work to bring new content to their first mobile title in the franchise, which was launched with the premise of bringing racing to real-world regions with themed tracks. While it is great to see cities of the world represented in the game, this content does not arrive very often, but today is one of those special days.

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Mario Kart Tour up to singapore

Today kicked off the 61st tour within the title since its premiere, after the tour starring Meowser came to an end. The most striking thing about this new tour is that it will have a Singapore theme. This means that a track was added that captures various elements of this City-State, and will also have some variants.

The circuit is called Singapore Speedway (Acceleration in Singapore) and in it you can see a football stadium, the iconic Merlion, (Singapore’s official mascot) and more tourist attractions.

In addition, another striking addition is Luigi in a holiday outfit, very much in keeping with Singapore, as you can see in his suitcase pictures of attractions from the region. Added to this pilot is the Turbo Merlion car and the silver Manta Wing, so prepare your rubies to spend in the promotional pipes.

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What can I find in the Singapore Season?

As with other seasons, there will be a ton of multiplayer and advanced season rewards and challenges that have just been revamped. Similarly, there will be golden challenges that can only be unlocked if the player is subscribed to the Golden Pass. With this feature, players can also unlock additional prizes with their Max Stars.

There is also a token event, which offers various rewards, as well as the Kart Pro event, in which the biggest challenge is to get 3 wins online in a row, but the reward is very rewarding. Starting this season, there will be 2 total score cards, which means there will be more rewards, but the required score will also be higher.

The tours last 2 weeks, so you can find this thematic content from today until January 25 at 11:59 PM (Mexico City time).

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Mario Kart Tour is available on mobile devices with iOS and Android. You can find more news related to him if you visit this page.

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