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Maggie Civantos makes David Broncano nervous in ‘La Resistencia’: “I fuck very well”




Lto actress Maggie Civantos has attended this Wednesday the Teatro Prncipe Gran Va in Madrid, where every afternoon from Monday to Thursday a program of ‘The resistance’ which is subsequently broadcast from 11:30 p.m. on #0 from Movistar +, To present ‘Express’, the first Spanish series of Starzplay which opens next Sunday, January 16.

The public of the ‘late-late night’ has received Maggie Civantos, who has made a very dynamic and very fast entrance, with applause and cheers. “I really wanted to be here,” said the actress, who revealed that she had drunk water just before entering the stage of the Teatro Principe Gran Va because she was very thirsty. The guest has given a mug to David broncano, who has taken the opportunity to ask for a five-liter jug ​​of water and propose that the woman from Malaga drink two liters during the interview. “Now, you still have to let me go to the bathroom,” the Andalusian warned.

Maggie Civantos recalled visiting ‘La Resistencia’ in 2018, a visit that David broncano He did not remember but that the Malaga interpreter has been in charge of reminding him. I also asked him how much money he had in the bank. “I’m going to ask you later, that I haven’t asked anyone for quite a few weeks … Now that you’ve said about the money … Sure,” pointed out the host of the most street show, scoundrel and television transgressor in Spain. “Shit”, the actress reacted.

“I’m going to ask you and when you came we weren’t asking about fucking yet, right?”, The presenter continued. “No, but I fuck very well,” stressed the guest, who has left a David broncano who for several seconds the words have not come out of his mouth. “But the question is not qualitative, it is not how you fuck, it is how much”, has pointed out the host of ‘La Resistencia’. “But is that important? Is the quality or quantity better? Well, everything is going very well, really,” he said. Maggie Civantos, what in ‘Express’ gives life to Barbara, a criminal psychologist who survives an exprs kidnapping that changes the course of her life.

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“It is difficult to tell this series, because it has action, comedy, drama and suspense, but all these genres combine in an organic way. I think this happens because all the characters are complex and very true. There is a lot of humanity in the series, which is not only about express kidnappings, but about fear, manipulation through fear, the express society we live in or the family. So it may sound like a weird mix between action, comedy and a family drama, but When you see it, it fits you very well because everything is geared to my character, who is a very complex character, “he explained. Maggie Civantos about ‘Express’.

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