Wednesday, August 17

LEAP, a shooter for 100 players, prepares its early access in February

Are you ready to take up arms and launch into frenzy? LEAP comes for those players who want a good dose of adrenaline: it is a first person shooter game, characterized by its fast pace and by games of around 100 players. It is developed by the Blue Isle Studios team and is expected to arrive on PS4, PS5 and PC (Steam); in fact, your Early Access is scheduled to go live in February.

LEAP, a frenzied first person shooter

LEAP is a game designed for lovers of shooter in first person and multiplayer, offering “spade battles with up to 100 players”. Of course, all users will be armed to the eyebrows and ready to fight. We will find two sides in this universe: the Endoplanetary Unification of Common Defense (UEDC) or the rebellious aliens. “The side that pays the most will gain your ability with the trigger and your enormous arsenal,” say the developers on their Steam page.

Among the actions that we can carry out, there is of course the collaboration with the other members of our team; as well as the possibility of using super powerful futuristic weapons. Players can also take advantage of the advantages of each character class, as well as making use of jetpacks and other vehicles to move quickly through the battlefield and thus become the winners.

“The side that pays the most will gain your trigger skills and your enormous arsenal.”

Speaking of skills: each of the exosuits, which we can wear during the course of the games of LEAPThey come accompanied by powers that can change the course of the game. We will also get rewards for our victory, allowing us to unlock emojis and skins for exosuits, vehicles and weapons. “Hesitate and provoke your friends with style and cheek,” say the creators.

LEAP hitting Early Access in February with “a ton of content,” but new environments, game modes, player classes, weapons, and abilities will be added over time. The PS4 and PS5 versions have not been properly announced by the studio, but the game appears on the YouTube channel de PlayStation.

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