Tuesday, October 4

Jesús María 2022: this is how his fans await Abel Pintos | Music | The voice of the interior

It has been known that for several years that the night in which Abel Pintos performs is one of the most anticipated and attended of the Jesús María Dressage and Folklore Festival.

This edition, in pandemic mode and with a return after almost two years without a festival, it was expected that around 1.30 on Wednesday Abel Pintos would take the stage.

Despite the extreme heat of the day, his followers showed up from the afternoon to buy tickets or enter the premises.

In YOURWe chatted with some of them to find out what their expectations were.

Among his followers, many come from different parts of the country, with expectations placed on the repertoire of Pintos.

Also, many were repeat offenders. “We love him, we always come to see Jesús María”, some of them said.


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