Friday, September 30

IO Interactive present Hitman Trilogy and Hitman 3 Year 2

The saga Hitman has a great journey within the world of videogames, whether we are talking about its most classic installments in which we first met the Agent 47 as if we do it from his last trilogue that has generally left fans of this lethal assassin with a good taste.

Beyond the releases of the last three installments, IO Interactive has been characterized by provide regular post-launch content each of them with new assassination assignments and objectives to fulfill in the different maps and locations that many players already know like the palms of their hands.

Today IO Interactive announced the news of Hitman 3 for your Year 2 beginning with the launch of Hitman Trilogy, a compilation that will go on sale on January 20 (just one year after the last game was released) and that it will allow new players to purchase the latest trilogue on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S, in addition to being present from the day of its launch in Xbox Game Pass.

Hitman VR also makes its debut on PC

Another big news for Year 2 of Hitman 3 is that Hitman VR, the virtual reality mode of Hitman 3, will be released on PC Also on January 20 at no additional cost, the three deliveries are also available in this mode. That is, if on January 20 we have Hitman 3, any of the other games in the trilogue or Hitman Trilogy on our computer we will be able to experience the murders of Agent 47 in the first person thanks to virtual reality.

Technical improvements for Hitman 3, events …

Focusing, now I know, on Hitman 3, during this year the game will receive several technical improvements on PC such as real-time ray tracing that it is going to look especially in settings like Dubai. Also included will be Variable Rate Shading in the PC version and Intels XeSS technology, Intel’s answer to NVIDIA DLSS and AMD FSR that rescales and smooths textures to improve PC gaming performance.

In addition they also arrive new game modes as a Freelancer (who adds items roguelike to turn the campaign into a totally different challenge) or Elusive Target Arcade, plus two new maps, Agent 47’s Safehouse y Codename: Rocky.

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