Friday, September 30

In Nightmare confirms physical edition for March • Console and Dashboard

On March 29, In Nightmare It will be put on sale in a physical edition, in its versions for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. It is the result of the collaboration between Modus Games and Tesura Games.


We are facing a horror adventure, where we travel to a “creepy and twisted world”, as the distributor recalls. In a flight from reality, our character wakes up in a nightmare. It will be there where ingenuity applies, to solve puzzles, and stealth.

With the narrative more than present, we will accompany the boy in the search for love and truth. For now, he arrives with a broken heart, after the destruction of his family. You will not be alone. Aided by the spirit of dreams, he will dodge enemies.

Salvation will come if you can overcome your own fears, moving through a sinister recreated scene a starting from your memories. It is not for less, since any traumatic experience has ended up becoming a monster. There are two options: wake up or get trapped in the nightmare.

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