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“I don’t like to do it by halves,” Levine reiterates that he does not work on new BioShock | Levelup

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After almost a decade of inactivity, it is a fact that BioShock return. However, the new title is in charge of a new Take-Two studio and apart from the development team the main person in charge of the history of the series, Ken Levine, who once again spoke about this project, will not be on the development team.

Ken Levine remained at Take-Two after Irrational Games studio changed its name to Ghost Story Games, which is separate from Cloud Chamber Studios, where the new one is manufactured. BioShock, but being in the same company, there was the possibility that he would get involved in some way in the project, at least in terms of consulting, since he is the mind behind this fantastic universe.

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The creative reiterated that he is not involved at all and considers that “he knows about the game as much as anyone else, in essence.” However, the creative took the opportunity to wish the studio luck in development.

“I do not like to do it half measures. I never want to be half measures,” he commented in an interview with Arcade Attack (via GameSpot) the developer, who is precisely characterized by being involved in all aspects of his project, thus being related to BioShock It wouldn’t have been possible unless she fully devoted her time to him and put her new game aside.

Levine also talked about the canceled movie of BioShock

In the interview, Levine was questioned about the film project of BioShock which unfortunately did not come to fruition and had to be canceled.

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Levine mentioned that he imagines that film companies don’t always want to involve game developers or source material, since their ideas often don’t get along with the goals that filmmakers have. In fact, Levine mentioned that he didn’t even see the script for the movie.

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In this sense, Levine even mentioned that the film had a proposal that “not necessarily was BioShock“Since the movie studios were able to capture the aesthetics of the franchise, but not necessarily the characters and the story. Levine recalled that there was a filmmaker who asked him if BioShock it had to take place underwater.

Now Levine is no longer related to BioShock, so he can no longer decide anything about a new attempt to adapt the franchise to the cinema. However, if there is a chance of it ever happening, he hopes fans of the franchise will find the elements they loved in the game in production.

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