Saturday, October 1

Humankind shows its first DLC, Cultures of Africa • Console and Dashboard

Humankind already has a first DLC on the way. Under the title Cultures of africa, will be a reality on January 20 on PC. New cultures arrive directly from Africa: one for each age, with the different possibilities that they entail.


The height he has taken Civilization VI is so high that Humankind it has not been able to reach it. However, it is the closest to being within the 4X genre of civilizations. Without getting into space, of course. The way AmplitudeStudios and Sega meet the challenge translates into a new way of playing that still remains a long way to go to reach your goal.

Those in charge are there, since with this expansion, Cultures of africa, news arrives. In Age 1 we find the Bantu, who are expansionists. In Era 2 the garamantes arrive, who are agrarian. For Era 3 we have Swahili, who are merchants.

In Era 4 the Maasai appear, focusing again on the agrarian issue. Age 5 is made up of Ethiopians, who are militarists. Finally, Era 6 is represented by Nigerians and their economic boom, based, once again, on the agrarian.

The thing does not end there and it is that we will have more than seven independent towns and fifteen narrative events. Five new wonders complete the content: Mount Kilimanjaro, Victoria Falls, Zuma Rock, Lake Natron and the Great Mosque of Djenné.

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