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Hopping on the train: John Cena admits he’s interested in Twitch and NFTs | Levelup

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Without a doubt, the world moves at a dizzying pace and every day new platforms and fashions emerge that conquer the internet. So keeping up can be a difficult task, even for world-class celebrities. Not to be left behind, a prestigious actor and professional wrestler uses his social networks to learn and keep up with new trends.

Specifically, we are talking about John Cena, the 16-time WWE world champion and actor who will premiere the series very soon Peacemaker on HBO Max. During a recent chat with the podcast Pardon My Take, he explained that he uses his social media to learn new things.

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If we check his Twitter account, we can see that the American actor follows about 365,300 people, a phenomenon that is extremely strange for celebrities on his profile. In comparison, fellow fighter Dwayne Johnson only follows 330 users, while Dave Bautista does the same with 247 lucky users.

It is worth noting that, in most cases, celebrities follow close friends in the environment and organizations with which they collaborate. However, John Cena is a follower of the most curious accounts. For example, we can see that he follows the youtuber MAAU and the official account of EGOLAND 2, the popular event of Rust organized by streamers.

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John Cena: I try to learn more about the world

Without a doubt, this phenomenon is extremely strange and makes us wonder why the American actor follows so many people on Twitter.

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In that sense, John Cena commented on the podcast that he is active on Twitter and Instagram and stated that, although it is difficult to navigate his timeline due to the number of people he follows, he is trying to learn more about the world.

“The bottom line for me is to get more insight into what is going on and learn more about things I don’t know about and hopefully create a community. If you have seen the people I follow on Twitter, I hope you have seen some of the messages I sent, “said the celebrity.

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Finally, the actor behind mega productions like The Suicide Squad Y Fast and furious He stated that he is interested in non-fungible tokens and Twitch streamers due to not knowing about those topics. Of course, he did not clarify if he wants to create a career as a content creator on the streaming platform in the future or if he is looking to launch his own NFTs.

But tell us, what do you think of this situation? Let us read you in the comments.

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