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GTA 6: Take-Two’s forecasts suggest that the game could arrive in 2024

There are many unknowns about Grand Theft Auto 6, although a recent rumor indicated that this year could be made official. There is no news of its launch but the plans of the publisher Take-Two indicate that the forecasts are for a growth of 14% in 2024, and some analysts believe that that will be the date that we see a major launch by Rockstar, probably GTA VI.

As part of the information provided to shareholders regarding the intention to acquire Zynga, Take-Two confirmed its growth forecast for two years from now. “There are a few titles that can give you that strong growth confidence; We believe there is at least one Rockstar license to launch in fiscal 2024, “says one analyst as reported. Axios.

Cowen’s Doug Creutz has put it into numbers and believes there are $ 9 billion in video game related transactions, “apparently a launch of GTA 6 in fiscal year 2024 “-that is, before March 31, 2024-. Creutz recalls that Take-Two also targeted an exit from Grand Theft Auto 5 in 2012 or 2013 with their fiscal targets – which were then delayed and finally GTA 5 It was released in late 2013-. “Yes, there is a precedent of putting a Rockstar game on the preview before announcing an official date.”, although later it may be wrong.

Analysts also expect the game on that date

The insider Tom Henderson claimed last year that GTA 6 will be launched in 2024 or 2025, late but due to the company’s new policy to reduce the culture of crunch and Rockstar. Jason Schreier de Bloomberg gave more credence to this information: “I don’t know why everyone thinks I said that Grand Theft Auto VI was going to come out in 2023. Everything Tom Henderson has said about the game is consistent with what I have heard“.

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GTA 6 and 2024 seg

According to Schreier’s sources, GTA 6 to be a title of “moderate size” that will expand over time, both in size of the stage and in playable novelties, something that fits with what Henderson points out in his video and with Rockstar’s own strategy with Grand Theft Auto Online.

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