Tuesday, October 4

Firesprite signs Motorstorm director amid rumors of new Twisted Metal

One more chapter in the rumors about the Twisted Metal that Sony will be developing indicates that Firesprite, the equipment acquired last September, will be in charge of recovering the combat saga with vehicles. So far it has been reported that Lucid Games (Destruction All-Stars) was working on the project, but the latest information is that the game had passed into the hands of PlayStation Studios.

Firesprite was one of the teams most likely to continue Twisted Metal because of its driving games past –Wipeout, Formula 1– when part of the studio was part of SCE Studio Liverpool. Now Lucid Games’ Matt Southern has hired Firesprite as a game director, in what seems to give continuity to the project. Firesprite and Lucid Games are physically 15 minutes apart in Liverpool, so more personnel movements are expected between the teams.

This is not the first time that Southern has worked for Sony, as was a key piece in Evolution Studios: producer of Motorstorm, director of Motorstorm: Apocalypse, creator of Driveclub and its first director until he was relieved by Paul Rustchynsky in the final stretch of development.

Firesprite works on multiple projects

Firesprite is one of the biggest teams in PlayStation Studio by number of workers and is capable of creating multiple games in parallel. Before their purchase by Sony they signed for a shooter multiplayer and a dark narrative adventure; recently announced Horizon Call of the Mountain for PS VR 2 in collaboration with Guerrilla Games, and Twisted Metal will now be his fourth game. The studio has worked on The Playroom, The Playroom VR, The Persistence and they even collaborated on Star Citizen y su modo Theatres of War.

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Firesprite works at Twisted Metal

Twisted Metal could coincide on dates with the series premiere in production that will star Anthony Mackie, best known for his role as Sam Wilson (Falcon) in the Marvel Cinematic Universe; be John Doe, a character that appears in video games Twisted Metal: Black Y Twisted Metal: Lost like a mysterious man with no memory who tries to remember his past through his tattoos.


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