Friday, September 30

Firefox suffers a worldwide crash with service problems that prevent browsing and saturate the CPU

Mozilla’s Firefox browser experience operating problems since the morning of this Thursday, which prevent them from loading pages and consume large parts of the computer’s CPU power, as described by affected users.

Crowds of Firefox users around the world, including some of Spain, have reported this problem through social networks and forums such as Twitter y Reddit, after verifying that the problem did not come from your internet connection but from Mozilla’s browser.

According to the testimony of users in the Mozilla error page, the problems appear for users of the latest versions of Firefox, including 95 and 96 – the latter released on Wednesday – who see their browser stop loading web pages.

The majority of Internet users have also experienced slowdown problems in the operation of the computer, due to the fact that the browser begins to use a high amount of CPU resources, in what they describe as an ‘infinite loop’

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The user community has started to find workarounds that restore Firefox to working order, such as going to the browser settings by typing ‘about: config’, looking for the option ‘network.http.http3.enabled’ and changing the value to ‘false’. Afterwards it is still necessary to restart the application.

For now Mozilla has not provided data on Firefox service problems. On its cloud services status page, it reports that all its services are currently active, but this does not affect the browser ‘software’ itself.

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