Tuesday, October 4

Deep Rock Galactic Reaches 10 Million Players After Launching On PS Plus

Coffee Stain and Ghost Ship have announced that the cooperative action adventure Deep Rock Galactic has exceeded 10 million players. The community has gained more than 6 million users in just one week since its debut as part of PS Plus for PS4 and PS5 on January 4; remain available in subscription throughout the month.

Deep Rock Galactic was immensely successful in 2021, when it received multiple awards and sales targets, and the introduction of the free Battle Pass content set a new standard for multiplayer as a service. We kicked off this year with a huge bang, gaining more than twice as many players, to 10 million, with its release on PlayStation 4 and 5 on January 4. Deep Rock Galactic is currently available for free with a PS Plus subscription“.

“The way Deep Rock Galactic has always evolved is because of the community,” says the team. “We are a small team facing a huge console release and it’s amazing to have a community working with us at every step, and we can’t wait to show what we have for Season 02 this spring“.

One shooter cooperative with obtaining resources

“Fun, replayable and with a very complete progress to evolve our dwarves as we wish. If you are interested in a cooperative oriented game, Deep Rock Galactic is what you were looking for “, we have in his original analysis. “Perhaps it lacks a point of brilliance in audiovisual aspects, a slightly more innovative approach that surprises as much as the references it is inspired by and alone we will see its weak points before, it is missing more types of missions, new enemies, more variety in its structure in short-, but knowing that its purpose is not to revolutionize the genre and that there are certain limitations due to its budget, little more can be demanded of this title from Ghost Ship Games, one of the indie surprises of the season“.

Deep Rock Galactic reaches 10 million players

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