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Bye! Microsoft has already stopped production of all Xbox One models | Levelup

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It is no secret to anyone that Microsoft did not have the best of generations with Xbox One. The console debuted in 2013 after a presentation that left much to be desired and a proposal that did not completely convince gamers or Xbox 360 fans.

This complicated stage is an important part of the history of the company, which recently turned the page with the debut of Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. We are facing the end of an era for the industry, as today it was confirmed that already no more units of any Xbox One model will be produced.

We had reports about it since July 2020; however, Microsoft made it official until now. In fact, we know that the manufacturing of the system was stopped as such at the end of that year to focus fully on the arrival of the next generation consoles.

Xbox One production came to an end quite some time ago

Before the launch of Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, Microsoft closed the production of Xbox One X and Xbox One S All Digital Edition. We now know that the production of the Xbox One S with a disc drive stopped right at the end of 2020.

Cindy Walker, Xbox Console Product Marketing Director, confirmed that this decision was made to fully focus on the production of Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, systems that have faced shortage issues due to high demand and other market factors. .

According to estimated figures, Xbox One sold nearly 56 million units worldwide, which is why it lagged far behind its main competitor: PlayStation 4, Sony’s system that has sold more than 116 million units.

The system was undoubtedly an important step for the company, as it saw the birth of outstanding projects such as Xbox Game Pass, Xbox Cloud Gaming, among others. His popularity took off to some extent in his later years precisely thanks to these services.

This news is striking as Sony stopped producing almost all PS4 models in Japan at the beginning of last year. However, it has just confirmed that it will reactivate its manufacturing in large part due to the shortage facing the PlayStation 5.

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