Wednesday, August 17

Apple removes copies of Wordle

As happened almost a decade ago with Candy Crush, 2022 has started with a new viral game that has revolutionized all social networks: Wordle. The dynamics of it is simple and consists of guess the words that are hidden behind a board of 30 squares, distributed in 5 columns with 6 rows each one.

This game was born from an idea of Josh Wardle, a ‘software’ engineer who created Wordle (whose title comes from a play on his own surname that includes ‘word’, which means ‘word’ in English) to liven up the days of confinement during the pandemic.

Viral game

As he explained in an interview to ‘The New York Times’, it went from being a game that he shared with his relatives through WhatsApp to having 90 players in the month of November 2021. On the first Sunday of this year, it already had With 300,000 people, a hobby that adds new followers every day and has become a viral game.

The original version is in English, but since January 6 there is also the Spanish version, thanks to the adaptation of the engineer Daniel Rodriguez, which has scheduled games until 2023 and has 52,000 users. On January 7, the Catalan version. From this Tuesday the game in Galician, adapted by Abraham Martinez.

Online only

Wordle is a online game, designed solely for browsers. In other words, it can be enjoyed from practically any device, but it does not have an official app and since its popularity has been unleashed, the first apocryphal versions have not stopped appearing.

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This is why Apple has been removing several Wordle games from its App Store. Until this Wednesday, the only product left in the App Store with that title is Wordle !, a time-based game created by Steven Cravotta more than five years ago.

And this app has experienced a download growth, reaching 40,000 in the week of January 1, 850% more than the previous week, according to the mobile data and analytics firm App Annie. According to this consultancy, it has reached the ‘top 10’ of word games in seven countries and has been number 1 on that list in Ireland and the Netherlands since January 8.

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