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A studio turns its worker into a DLC character to pay for his prosthetic arm

“Me Cyberpunk personal: how I lost my arm and became a character in War Robots“, are the words with which Andrey Kvasov titles the publication that he has shared in Pikabu to tell your story. He was working for the Pixonic development studio in the support area when, in November 2019, he was involved in an accident while on vacation in the Dominican Republic: a truck collided with a tourist bus, leaving dozens of injuries. Among them was Kvasov, who lost an arm in the incident, as well as a finger of the other hand and an ear. Despite everything, he returned to his job only 4 months later. That’s when the team asked him if he wanted to appear as a DLC character … and thus secretly finance his prosthetic arm.

War Robots and the Andrey Kvasov story

“Since I was a child, I dreamed of becoming a video game character,” Kvasov wrote in the aforementioned Pikabu publication. “So when on my first day at the office after the accident my colleague Karina came up to me and said, ‘Listen, Andrey, don’t you want to be a pilot? Can we rethink your story and somehow put it in the game? ‘ I didn’t even consider denying it. “A few months later, in the summer of 2021, Andrey’s character ended up joining the War Robots roster as a pilot.

While the details of his fateful accident were not shared with the community, his character’s profile read: “Dedicated to Andrey Kvasov. Andrey, you are a great professional who is a pleasure to work with. In the face of something that would break to many, not only did you stay strong, but you you kept a positive attitude and inspired us allYou can take a look at his character sheet below.

The story of Andrey Kvasov and War Robots

“Since I was a child, I dreamed of becoming a video game character”

The character Andrey was offered as part of the Battle Pass of War Robots, which meant that players would have to pay to acquire it. But nevertheless, what they were actually doing was helping to pay for an arm prosthesis for Andrey. Not even the protagonist of this story himself knew.

“The character was sold in a special package and proceeds went to a prosthesis“Andrey explained.” I didn’t find out right away, but a few months later, when a certain amount had accumulated. This was a complete and pleasant surprise to me. The players also discovered that the story was real, after the fact. Each pilot owner received a free benefit and a message that the money invested in this activity was used to buy a prosthesis for a real person. The news was very well received by the players and I received many kind words. “

The happy ending for Andrey

Once Andrey received his robotic arm, the character model was also modified to add this same prosthesis. “Now I live a normal life”, continues. “I go to the gym twice a week, I do karate once a week (the lack of an arm does not prevent me from spinning). I work, I play. By the way, there are enough devices on the market today that provide a gaming experience. complete, even for people who can’t play like most people. ” Without going any further a few days ago we discovered An adapter for the DualSense controller that allows you to play with one hand.

In closing, Kvasov adds: “I want to wish you all good health. It may be very cheesy, but this is the kind of thing you learn to appreciate when you lose it. And I also hope you see the good, even if at first glance it doesn’t seem like there is anything. It’s definitely there, I’ve checked. “

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