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Villains from Spider-Man: No Way Home in Fortnite? It could happen according to dataminer | Levelup

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Fortnite decided to celebrate the debut of Spider-Man: No Way Home with special skins of the superhero and MJ. Everything indicates that Epic Games has more surprises in store for fans of the arachnid, as there are clues about the arrival of more characters from the franchise to the Battle Royale.

As is often the case, dataminers already have information about the next content that could make it to the popular title. One of the most reputable leakers of the Battle Royale indicated that a villain and other characters will land as NPCs in Fortnite.

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More content from Spider-Man: No Way Home in Fortnite? it’s possible

According to HYPEX, there is a strong possibility that Fortnite receive more special content from Spider-Man. The dataminer assured that he found clues about 3 new non-playable characters that would appear in El Clarín.

One of them would be Mary Jane, who would help us in the games. This since it would offer us an infinite cobweb launcher in exchange for 400 gold units. There is also speculation about the arrival of a popular villain: the Green Goblin.

This is because animations that remind the antagonist were found. On the other hand, the third non-playable character is a mystery for now, as there are not enough clues to know who it is.

Although HYPEX has proven many times that it is a reliable source of information about the Battle Royale, it is necessary to clarify that this content has not been confirmed by Epic Games for now. So you better take it as a mere rumor.

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However, the idea is not far-fetched, especially since Spider-Man is one of the main characters in Season 1 of Chapter 3. Below you can see the dataminer’s publication.

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