Tuesday, October 4

Uribarren, from the UIC: “We are concerned about the transition without Schiaretti” | Politics | The voice of the interior

The president of the Industrial Union of Córdoba, Marcelo Uribarren, was in the Voice and Vote program and described Governor Juan Schiaretti as an “industrialist”. He indicated that he is concerned about the transition of the provincial government without the current president with the possibility of running for another new election.

“We are concerned about the transition without Schiaretti,” said the industrialist.

“Schiaretti has allowed us to occupy spaces in all the agencies in which the Province of Córdoba has a relationship with the industry,” he recalled.

For his part, the president of the Cereal Exchange, Juan Carlos Martínez, corrected his peer (both are members of the Business Movement of the Provinces) and stated that Schiaretti “more than an industrialist, he is a productivist” when referring to the support that It also gave to the field sector.

“The governor has formed a team and in all areas this interaction between the public and private sectors is verified,” said Martínez.

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