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Unscrupulous! Subject copies Wordle, profits from the app and infuriates the entire Internet | Levelup

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The new year began with everything and quickly the first viral game appeared, Wordle, a fun word game. Something that is striking is that the title is completely free thanks to its creator, who decided so, since he wanted it to be simple and fun without having to profit from it. The bad news is that there are many others who are willing to do it, regardless of whether it is through a vile clone of the original game.

As soon Wordle became popular, several clones appeared. It is something natural and has been used many times with popular titles. However, one has just appeared that made netizens very angry.

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Wordle, the copy of Wordle

“I like it alot Wordle that I decided to make my own application of WordleBut with a twist! “Zach Shakked mentioned on Twitter when he unveiled ‘his’ Wordle.

The problem is that the opportunist did not go to great lengths to make his “own” Wordle; in fact, he took the word so literally that he did not even give his version another name, but kept the original. This was possible because, as we told you, the original author of the true Wordle, Josh Wardle, no hizo Wordle to generate profit, so he did not register the name of the game, which is curiously a letter game with his last name.

And the twist? Well this clone of Wordle would allow players to guess words of not only 5 letters (something preset in the original), but also 4, 6 and 7. Besides, there is a Pro version, which would let users guess unlimited words per day (in Wordle you can only 1 a day), an extra in exchange for users’ money.

Since there is no official version of Wordle for mobiles, Wordle (the copy) started to be very popular on the App Store and got thousands of downloads and reviews and the profits started to pour in as well. “We’ll go to the moon,” Shakked tweeted when he shared how well his copy of Wordle. On Tuesday morning, January 11, the title already had 12,000 downloads, was in position 28 in the word games section and in 4th position in the results for Wordle.

In case you missed it: what is it Wordle?

The author of the plagiarism earned the rejection of Twitter

This plagiarism infuriated many people not because Shakkle copied the game mechanics of Wordle (After all, word games have been around for hundreds of years and it’s not difficult for a programmer to make one) and even the name; the fact that outraged the internet community that knows the real game and the story behind it is that the plagiarist copied the name and even the interface identically as long as people who have played the browser version believe that it is It is an official mobile version (although the original author of Wordle said he has no plans for it).

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What infuriated the players the most was that the author of the Wordle original, Wardle nobly mentioned that he was not looking to make money from WordleSo I wouldn’t incorporate ads on the page: “I don’t understand why something can’t just be fun. I don’t have to charge people for this and ideally I’d like to keep it that way,” Wardle said.

Fortunately, there are many people who know what it is Wordle and his clone and it did not take long to make the plagiarist see that his act was bad, since apart from that he does not give credit to his original creator, Josh Wardle, since he refers that the merit of the mechanics are from games more like Lingo, even though he copied the interface and took advantage of the success of the Wordle original (credit to Wardle). The bad thing is that the title, being something for the masses, there will be many more people who will download it without knowing, believing that it is the Wordle original.

Apparently, the plagiarist had some pang of conscience or did not have a very good time with the large number of negative comments he received on Twitter, Well, he quickly put his account with restrictions, which means that only followers approved by the plagiarist can see your posts.

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What do you think of the plagiarism of Wordle? Tell us in the comments.

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