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To infinity and beyond! There could be collaboration between Halo Infinite and Buzz Lightyear | Levelup

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Since its launch, Halo Infinite It has been a great success and its multiplayer has delighted the players as it maintains the essence of what has been the proposal of this iconic Xbox franchise. The great reception that the most recent delivery of Halo has made it an ideal terrain for collaborations, after all that’s the trend among multiplayer titles and components, and apparently there is one on the way with Buzz Lightyear.

A new collaboration between Xbox and Disney could be on the way to Halo Infinite

A leak posted on the subreddit of Halo has ignited the hype for a future collaboration between Halo Infinite Y Buzz Lightyear that could take place this year as part of the premiere of the film inspired by the character of Toy Story, scheduled for June 17. According to images shared by a reddit user, this collaboration would take place through the Warthog vehicles, since a couple of them have a color combination corresponding to the Buzz Lightyear suit and that, in the end, is the combination of the franchise.

Buzz Lightyear’s possible Warthog in Halo Infinite

So far, there is no official information about this apparent collaboration between Halo Infinite Y Buzz Lightyear , but the Warthog seem to indicate that it will be so, so that it only remains to know the date when it will take place.

It seems that Halo Infinite will continue to surprise fans as another leak recently anticipated the return of game modes that fans loved in previous installments. On the other hand, the community of Halo Infinite It has been in tension in recent days as there are those who want to nerf one of the most popular weapons, while others want it to stay as is.

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