Tuesday, October 4

This is Castlevania: Seal of the Eclipse, an amazing game created by fans

Although Konami will be working to find partners to develop remakes or new installments of Metal Gear, Silent Hill, a collection of NFT or Castlevania, fans of these sagas at the moment can only settle for compilations type Castlevania Advance Collection or the sequel to Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night, a spiritual successor to Castlevania in which Koji Igarashi participates. But The fan community does not forget the saga with vampires and there is a new project that is giving a lot to talk about: Castlevania: Seal of the Eclipse.

The team of Castlevania: Seal of the Eclipse It is clear to avoid “confusion about the officiality” of the project: “It is created by fans and all material or production has not been approved by Konami”.

This game puts us in the shoes of Julius Belmont and several playable allies with a style similar to Castlevania 3, although it is set in 1999. Its graphics are slightly inspired by the 8-bit NES, but with more detail, colors and various original mechanics.

It is unknown if it will be available for download

The team assures that it knows the risks of an unofficial project of this type. Konami in principle allows fan games for no commercial purpose although it has also forced the cancellation of remakes of Metal Gear Solid. Nevertheless, the creators of Castlevania: Seal of the Eclipse they decided to continue with their idea.

There is no mention of its release date, if it can finally be downloaded and Konami does not impede its progress, but the intention is that the game does have a more realistic ambition than its predecessor. “For those of you who don’t know, the game started as Umbra of Sorrow. Had the same goals as Seal of the Eclipse but it was larger and more complex in the graphics, it was closer to Symphony of the Night and successors. “Maintaining this level would have perpetuated development for 10 years at the current rate, sodecided to reduce the level of detail. “SotE adapt many ideas from the original version, so I may UoS does not exist physically, but will do so in spirit. “


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